Gnome Stew, our third book for GMs, Never Unprepared, and Engine Publishing have been nominated for four ENnie Awards this year, and I’d like to ask you to vote for us.

Voting takes just a few seconds and requires no account or login, and you don’t have to vote in every category:

  1. Head to the ENnie Awards voting booth
  2. Scroll to Best Blog and rank Gnome Stew a “1”
  3. Scroll to Best Website and rank Gnome Stew a “1”
  4. Scroll to Best Writing and rank Never Unprepared: The Complete Game Master’s Guide to Session Prep a “1”
  5. Scroll to Fans’ Favorite Publisher and rank Engine Publishing a “1”
  6. Click the big “Submit Ballot” button to cast your votes

That’s all! Thank you so much for voting for us!

Why your vote matters to us

The ENnie Awards matter to us for two reasons, both of them big.

Firstly, they open doors: new work in the RPG industry, new careers, new options. People look differently at a free website and the books from a small-press publisher with ENnie Awards to their credit, and differently at the folks who do the work that wins those awards. Opening doors for the authors of the Stew and the folks who work on Engine Publishing books has always been one of my core goals, and it still is.

Secondly, they’re a simple but meaningful way that folks who enjoy our work here on the Stew and in Engine Publishing books can tell us “We dig what you’re doing. Keep it up!” We appreciate our fans and readers and the support you’ve shown us over the years, and it’s a huge part of what keeps us going.

We write about GMing because we love to do it, awards or no awards, but this sort of recognition is fantastic motivation.

Every single vote counts (really!)

The ENnies can be decided by very narrow margins — sometimes less than a dozen votes! — and we’re facing a field of great competitors. Every vote really does matter.

If you’re willing to ask your friends, gaming buddies, family, and coworkers to vote for us, that would be amazing. We send out a flurry of those emails ourselves, because at this stage the ENnies are all about “ground game” (to borrow a political term) — about getting out the vote. Anything you can do to spread the word will be much appreciated.

I never know when to stop writing when I write these posts. The ENnies matter a lot to me on a personal level, and I always want to be sure I’ve conveyed that effectively. I hope I have!

In any case, please vote for us for Best Blog, Best Website, and Best Writing, and thank you so much!