New here? Welcome to the Stew! I wrote this post to help you squeeze the most out of Gnome Stew.

We’re always working to make this site as easy to use as possible, and we’ve added a number of little features since our launch back in May — even regular readers might find something useful on this list.


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The Suggestion Pot is always open, and we love getting suggestions for posts. We act on them, too. (You can also make site-related suggestions and report bugs here.)

Related Posts

I just added this feature over the weekend. Under every post here, you’ll see a list of one to five (usually five) other articles our software thinks are related to that one. This is a great way to explore other posts that might interest you.

You can also click on any post’s category (or categories) or tags to see other posts that share those traits.

Gnome Filter

Want to see a particular gnome’s posts? Click on any of our names on the main page, or on a post author’s name to see their other articles. You can also hit up the Meet the Gnomes page for links to each author’s posts, as well as our bios.

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Below the comments on every post you’ll see a couple of options: You can subscribe to that particular comments thread as you leave your comment, or subscribe without commenting.

We’ll automatically send you email when new comments appear in that thread, and you can return there to change your subscription options.

Edit Your Comments

Once you submit a comment, you’ll notice a little clock counting down from five minutes. For the next five minutes, you can edit your comment to your heart’s content.


That little green button under every post pops up a menu which will let you submit that article to social bookmarking sites like Digg, post it on your social networking site of choice (Facebook, etc.) or email a friend with a link.

Spreading the word about a blog can be tough, and we appreciate all the help we can get. If you like Gnome Stew, helping us promote the site is an awesome way to show it — and thank you.

1d12 Dire Weasels

This new feature is silly, but can also lead you to an article you might not otherwise have found: Release the dire weasels and you’ll get whisked to a completely random Gnome Stew post.

Edit Your Profile

Need to change your password, or do anything related to your Gnome Stew account? This is the place.

I’m a compulsive fiddler, so I actually have to fight the urge to add stuff to Gnome Stew. (A WordPress plugin that suggests pizza toppings based on post titles? Where do I sign up!) I’m sure there’ll be more down the line, but for now I think this is a pretty comprehensive roundup.

Any surprises on this list? Anything you’d like to see?