It’s really too bad I couldn’t think of a synonym for “mastering” that started with an N, isn’t it?

Gnome Rodeos are our regular link roundups. Provided everyone doesn’t simultaneously stop talking about GMing for a week, you should see one most Fridays.

GMing Regulars

→ Dungeon Mastering: celebrates its first birthday! Yax’s site remains one of my favorite RPG blogs, and comes highly recommended. From this week, try this: What if you were only going to GM one more gaming session, ever?

→ Musings of the Chatty DM: Chatty opens the floodgates by asking gamers to tell him about their dice fetishes. Man, we’re a weird bunch — and I love that about us. He also hit a vein with his take on the tyranny of fun, and I couldn’t agree more: what a pile of horseshit. (And So you wanna write a RPG Blog? Part 1: Why? is right on — if you’ve thought about starting your own RPG blog, give it a read.)

→ Roleplaying Tips: Issue 409 is all about creating atmosphere, and I love the suggestion about dice.

GMing All Over the Place

→ Amagi Games: This is my favorite Gambit yet: Households. I’ve always wanted to try a home base-driven campaign, especially a fantasy one, and drilling down to this level of roleplaying-rich detail for a game like that sounds like a lot of fun. (The Attention of the Gods also looks good.)

→ Ander00’s D&D 4e power cards: I found these via The Gamer Dome, and you can download them directly in PDF form. They’re freaking awesome. Not only do they fit the feel of 4e, but they pack everything you need into an attractive package and improve it by giving you boxes to note adjusted totals and including little details like icons for melee/ranged and action type. I took a tremendous amount of geeky pleasure in cutting out sets of these for the guys in my group, and they work really well. They’ll keep your players organized and make the game more fun.

→ Pen and Paper Portal: Bad news: P&PP’s Premade Campaigns series is winding down. Good news: There are loads of them to enjoy.

→ Wizards of the Coast: Thanks to Critical Hits for this heads-up: The first round of 4th Edition errata is available. On the one hand: Ugh, errata, bleh — but on the other hand, at least they’re pretty prompt about publishing it. Bankuei says skill challenges got a monster overhaul, but the PDF won’t load for me right now. Anyone want to weigh in on this?

In unrelated news, Wanted is a) very good and b) will make you want to run or play an action game. It’s incredibly over the top in the best way.