R.D. “Túrin” Heesen interviewed me for the latest issue of the Campaign Builders’ Guild magazine, which you can download for free in PDF form: Campaign Builders’ Guide Volume Five. We talked about giant space hamsters, my favorite GMing session, a basic principle of homebrewing and more.

More importantly, if you’re into fantasy worldbuilding in general and d20 System games in particular, you’ll find a lot of nifty content in this issue. My two favorite sections were Border Patrol (the third in a series), which explores defending one’s borders in a fantasy world, and the first installment of the Campaign Builder’s Diary, which chronicles the creation of a setting from the ground up.

The Guide is well-written, hefty (24 pages), illustrated and nicely put together — it looks better than some “professional” PDF products I’ve seen, and it’s well worth a download.