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Interview with Wolfgang Baur

Wolfgang Baur has been writing RPG material since the early 1990s, originally with TSR and later as a freelancer. During his years as an Associate Editor at Dungeon Magazine, he edited dozens of adventures — and he’s written more than a few himself. Since going freelance, Wolfgang has...

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Interview with Sean K. Reynolds

Sean K. Reynolds is a sharp, opinionated and prolific game designer and RPG freelancer, with a list of D&D credits that stretches back to 1997. He also has his own publishing company, Sean K Reynolds Games, and offers a metric ton of nifty freebies on his website — from GMing tools to...

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Interview with Mike Mearls

Mike Mearls has written nearly every d20 System book you’ve heard of (or at least it seems that way). Before going full time with Malhavoc Press, and more recently with Wizards of the Coast, he was one of the most prolific freelancers in the RPG industry. Despite the name, he wrote Monte...

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Interview with S. John Ross

S. John Ross is a prolific game designer, with credits that include Last Unicorn Games’s Star Trek, oodles of GURPS titles and Risus, a free online RPG. More recently, he has produced a variety of products for his own company, Cumberland Games. He authored the TOS Narrator’s Toolkit, a...

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Martin on All Games Considered

The excellent All Games Considered RPG podcast was kind enough to have me on for their GMing episode. Mark, Chris and I chatted about GMing, social contracts, game systems and questions from their forum, and generally had a good time. Apparently, you’re not supposed to say...

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Interview with John Kim

John Kim is one of the most active and prolific RPG thinkers on the web, with a well-known personal site (simply called John H. Kim’s Role-Playing Game Page) that covers everything from RPG theory to convention reports. John’s LiveJournal is one of my regular reads, and he can be...

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Martin’s Interview for The Escapist

The Escapist has a project going called Tell Me About Your Character, and my interview for TMAYC has just been posted. The Escapist wants to hear from gamers of all stripes for TMAYC, and I encourage you to send in a Choose Your Own Interview of your...

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Interview with Johnn Four

Johnn Four runs Roleplaying Tips, one of the oldest and best-loved resource sites for gamers around. Roleplaying Tips is a free weekly e-zine that’s been running since 1999, and Johnn is both its editor and a frequent contributor. He has also written a column for Dragon Magazine, DM’s...

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