It’s March fourth, and you know what that means: we all march fo(u)rth for GM’s Day!

Happy GM’s Day from all of us gnomes, from the bottom of our grubby gnomish hearts* — GMs of the world, you rock!

This year, we’re officially lame: We’re so insanely busy getting all of our ducks in the row for the upcoming release of our first book, Eureka: 501 Adventure Plots to Inspire Game Masters (announced last weekend), that we’re pulling long nights after long days and have had exactly zero time to prep for GM’s Day.

Were it not for our deeply ingrained gnomish laziness, beaten into us at a young age by our red-hatted gnomish mommas**, we be better stewards of this sacred day. We’re sorry!

As it is, the best we can do is cough up a link to RPGNow’s annual GM’s Day sale and ask you to open your wallets and treat yourselves to something awesome.***

Also exciting: Monte Cook’s turns one year old this month, and is celebrating with a special price: $84 for an annual subscription if you sign up this month. Dungeons + Monte + $7 a month = a very good thing.

For our part, we’ll be enjoying GM’s day by whipping the Eureka manuscript into its final form. Happy GM’s Day!

* Rumors that we stole our hearts from dwarves and/or halflings are filthy, filthy lies.

** …who most definitely DID steal their hearts from halflings.

*** Though not, we feel compelled to mention, so awesome that you won’t be able to afford to pick up Eureka!