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The Uncanny Resurrection of Dungeons & Dragons

Interesting article on the ‘resurgence’ of D&D in popular culture over on the New Yorker. For a main stream article, it has a minimal amount of ‘Oh, those silly nerds’ and it has some interesting points on why D&D might be growing in popularity beyond its existing fanbase in...

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Goblins Animated Series

In news that will hit you in the animated part of your nerdy heart, a bunch of voice actors are working on an animated pilot of the webcomic Goblins. The voice acting talent on this is insane for a webcomic, but Goblins has been around for a fair amount...

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The Women Of The Early Days Of D&D

Kotaku has a great article about some of the early influencers and culture behind the initial days of Dungeons & Dragons. The article is an in-depth look at how much women influenced the early days of D&D, but how little they were allowed to engage with it or felt...

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Five Thirty Eight Explores Character Selection in D&D

  The noted statistics blog 538 explores how the data stacks up for selection of D&D character races on their blog. It’s a fascinating read on how many of what types of characters are out there, based on the data available. The information, pulled from D&D Beyond from a...

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What Writers Should Learn From Dan Harmon

This talks about writing, but is pretty relevant to RPG Gamers as well. It speaks to playing for an audience (such as actual plays and such do), but I think it’s also a good reminder for players in general to do what is compelling rather than just what would make your character look awesome. What makes the game/story better for everyone involved?...

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Seeing The DOTS project pay off

Jack Berberette was fundraising for a braille printer  in order to create braille versions of gaming books. Here is a video of one of the results from the project. Check out the work being “seen” for the first time by someone with a visual...

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Gnome Stew Kickstarter Roundup 10-03-2017

There are a lot of great kickstarters out there vying for your attention. Here are 4 cool looking kickstarters that are vying for your attention and might be worth your dollars. AMP: Year Four – The Year of the Invasion – Tabletop RPG A super powers RPG from well...

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Get Down With The Gnomecast

Have you been checking out the Gnomecast we’ve been doing? You can find it on the stew or on Misdirected mark It’s a great place to HEAR us talk about articles and get familiar with some of the personalities behind the stew, as well as awful jokes and...

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