Werewolf on the Orient Express

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Most of the cast of the new Murder on the Orient Express

Again tangentially located to roleplaying games, but ‘Are You a Werewolf’ is definitely a staple of most of the conventions I attend. While I don’t play as often as I used to, I spent many a late evening at Origins or GenCon trying to convince a group of people that I was innocent, or trying to ferret out who was the werewolf.

I love the idea of celebrity gamers and the thought that many of these actors (that I really enjoy) got together to play a game I love just makes me grin. I’ve been watching the trailers for ‘Murder on the Orient Express‘ quite intently because it has a hell of a cast, and this makes me even more interested in the movie.

I can totally see Leslie Odom Jr. being great at the game. He knows how to wait for it… 


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