In the news of things that someone beat me to the punch on, and now of course I want to back, Inkwell Ideas is kickstarting decks of 5E magic item cards. I built a very rough and ugly version of something similar that I use when I run convention games — Inkwell is building a very pretty and useful version. The concept is simple, all the 5E SRD magic items in a format that has their stats and some art. Simple, and clean, these call back to Paizo’s own game mastery cards, and are something I’m amazed hasn’t been done earlier. Go check out their kickstarter for these cards if you are a 5E DM.


A table with 12 magic items in 2 rows. The title says Magic Item Card Catalog 5E Fantasy Reference Cards. In the rows are a lantern, a deck of cards, boots, a bag of holding, a sword, a brazier, a dagger, bone pan pipes, demonic looking armor, a bottle of green liquid qith a fish stopper, a blue cloak, and an amulet of an eye in a many pointed star.