Last Friday afternoon, launched — and as a gamer, you’re going to love it.

Geekdo is BoardGameGeek (BGG), but for both board games and RPGs (and it literally is BGG — one account runs the board game and RPG sides of Geekdo).

That’s a big deal because BGG gets so much right, from its overall approach to the quality of the content and the community. Apply that to RPGs, and my little gnome stands at attention.

From BGG to Geekdo

If you’re not a big board gamer, you may not be familiar with BGG — if you are a board gamer, you almost certainly use it. I joined in early 2008, and BGG completely changed my relationship with board games.

I’d always had a respectable collection, but my interest had tailed off over the years. In a nutshell, I wasn’t liking what I played, but didn’t know enough about my options to branch out. BGG changed that. I now have more fun with more games than ever before — and it’s not just me, it’s my whole group.

BGG is also one of the best and most welcoming communities on the web, and it’s completely free. I ponied up a contribution as soon as I saw useful it would be, and will do so every year that I use it.

Why Geekdo Will Change Everything

Geekdo has been a long time coming, and I’m stoked that it’s here. I fully expect it to realign and hone my gaming perspectives in much the same way as BGG did for board gaming.

It’s user-driven, with thousands of dedicated folks uploading content around RPGs — covers, reviews, commentary, and more. And if BGG is any indicator, there will be tons of user-created material that you can download for free and use in your own campaigns.

The site’s internal economy runs on GeekGold, which you get for making contributions. You earn GG by doing things that help other users, and people can also tip you from their own pool; you use GG to buy badges, avatars, and other goodies. Silly? Sure — but it works.

I’ve uploaded over 150 pictures to BoardGameGeek in part because of the GG system. Thousands of other users contribute in many different ways, all the time — BGG is board game Mecca for a reason.

And (again on the assumption that Geekdo will be like BGG in many ways) I expect the forums to be as devoid of rancor and as full of pleasant people and good stuff as BGG’s. It’s an amazing community.

The RPG side of Geekdo isn’t “complete” yet — but like BGG, if you see that your favorite game is missing, you can add it to the database, wiki-style. It will rapidly become more complete, and it’s already pretty damned comprehensive: 1,300 RPGs as of July 31.

Delicious Geekdo

I’ll be transitioning my account into combination board game/RPG status over the next little while, and I hope to see you there. Give Geekdo a try — you won’t regret it.