GenCon is just under 2 weeks away, and I am in full swing making my final shopping list, when I noticed that I had forgotten about all of you guys who are not going to be able to attend. So for all of you that cannot attend, I wanted to do something for you.

One of the great parts to GenCon is the convention floor. It is row after row of gaming stuff; booth after booth of games, dice, miniatures. I love to shop at GenCon. My favorite, is to find new games and gaming accessories, while getting a chance to talk to the creators.

Since US federal laws prevent surgeons from implanting video into my head and share the experience with you, virtually, I am going to do the next best thing. I want to go out on the convention floor and find something that you are curious about, and bring it home to review for you.

So today, I want you to choose what product I should pick-up and review. Now don’t get crazy I do have a few conditions:

  • RPG Rules or Gaming Accessory only–While I like board games, card games, and such, the Stew is an RPG blog, so lets keep it to an RPG rulebook or gaming accessory. I would rather not review an adventure either since they rarely are meaty enough for a full review.
  • Something new–While just about anything can be found out on the convention floor, I am not going to review the AD&D A-Series adventures (though they are awesome). Please pick something that has recently come out that you have not had a chance to pick up at your local gaming store.
  • Something we have not reviewed before– While we are not product review site, we have had the chance to do some great reviews. Check out our Review section for all our past reviews. Obviously, don’t pick one of those.
  • Lets not break the bank–While I love you guys, my bank account has its limits. So lets keep this to about $30.

Now with those parameters in mind, I leave it up to you to figure out what I should review. In the comments section, put down your choice of what you would like me to pick up. On Monday, I will announce the item that I am going to pick up, and after GenCon I will put together a review of the item for you.