I’ve got this really super-cool idea for a campaign/adventure/encounter. I mean, it’s the coolest thing ever, like Shaft meets Napoleon Dynamite in a deep freeze kinda cool, you dig? It’s such a cool idea that  when it happens, the whole table’s going to have to put on their shades, just to keep from going blind from the sheer coolness of this idea. It’s so fucking cool that Quentin Tarantino called me up, just on the off-chance that I might pitch him the script.

I’ll catch you hep-cats later, I’ve gotta go bask in the coolness of this idea…

Time for a reality check – When you’ve got a cool idea, ask yourself if it’s going to be fun for your players as well.

Whether in real life or in gaming, we’ve all had ideas that sounded cool, right up until the point at which they were introduced. At the gaming table, this situation often occurs when the players aren’t in the spotlight, but it could be the result of any number of factors.

Blame the apparently random or self-destructive actions of the player characters. Blame your players’ complete ignorance of pop culture or genre tropes. Blame the overly complicated or unrealistic game rules that will bog the scene down. Blame your own poor judgment or claim a case of temporary insanity.

But remember: Cool is not necessarily Fun.

And think twice about your ideas before putting them into play.

Have you had an idea that didn’t work as well as you expected? Sound off in the comments and share the lessons you’ve learned.