Voting is open for the 2005 Pen & Paper Fan Awards — between now and April 21st, you can nominate your favorite RPG products online (thanks for the reminder, RPG Blog).

The nifty thing about the P&P Awards is that they’re 100% write-in, with the winners in each category determined solely by how many votes were received. This is different from all of the other RPG awards out there (see Origins Awards, Relevancy and GMing Awards and Which RPG Awards are Relevant to You as a GM? for a bit of discussion on this topic), and it’s a nifty approach.

Treasure Tables is eligible in the “Best Magazine or Webzine” category, and with competition like Dragon Magazine, Roleplaying Tips, Deep in the Game, RPG Blog and other kickass sites and publications, I think some Bambi eyes might be in order. If you get good mileage out of TT, I hope you’ll consider slinging a vote our way.