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Patrick was born in 1975, and is more or less your typical American male for someone of his age. Except he is a tabletop RPG gamer and a damn fine game master! What else matters?

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GM Means “General Manager”

Sometimes the GM must do non-game related tasks. As the GM your role extends beyond just running the game. You schedule the sessions, you organize the materials for your game, you approve supplements and verify character builds, and you need to provide the tools for the game. When you...

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Screw You and Your Facts!

If there is one thing that I can’t stand in a game it is players criticizing the verisimilitude of a game in the little details. The act of trying to define a virtual reality is one thing, but to insist that your game world uses the physics of the real world in every way is pointless. You have elves, you have laser handguns, and you have psionic abilities, but...

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Build a Multi-Lane Highway

A big problem with many role playing games is that the player characters can make their own decisions and then take actions based upon those decisions. Another problem with RPGs is that the game master may want to control the scene and direct the game session towards a predetermined...

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Preparing to Improvise

Drawing maps, statting NPCs, writing plots, and preparing handouts. Prep work is still work no matter how you slice it. Improvising on the other hand is fun! You skip all of those tedious tasks and get right to the good stuff – running the game! I often improvise sessions and it works great for me. The players get a great game, and I don’t have to spend days preparing...

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5 Mistakes of the New GM

I love it when a new GM steps up to the plate! Good GMs are what keep our hobby going and expanding our ranks is a real benefit to tabletop RPGs across the board. Yet I’ve noticed that there are some common mistakes made amongst new GMs that veteran...

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