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Blogging for GMs, Day 2

On the second day of the Blogging for GMs project, we have another post: • Shane Garvey has written 20 Memorable Settlements. Shane is a TT regular (commenting here as Eternalknight), and his post presents a table of 20 settlement features for use in your game. Thanks,...

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Blogging for GMs, Day 1

For day 1 of the Blogging for GMs project, we have our first post: • Frank Filz has posted Idea for making more effective use of game books in a campaign. Frank is regular commenter here on TT (his post was inspired by “More Books, or Fewer Books?“), and...

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31 Days of Blogging for GMs

For the month of October, I’d like to invite you to participate in a project here on TT — I’m going to call it Blogging for GMs. In addition to writing my own posts for GMs here, I’d like to highlight blog posts, articles and newsletters about GMing from...

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Nifty Gaming T-Shirts!

I promised a big announcement as soon as I got back from my trip, and here it is: Treasure Tables now offers a line of shirts for gamers in our brand new store! I partnered up with my friend Darren Hardy, a professional graphic designer, to create gaming shirts...

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No Stock Monsters

A couple of years ago, I had an idea for my then-upcoming campaign: don’t use any stock monsters — and by “monsters,” I mean “adversaries” in general. This sounded like fun, and it was, but I encountered a few stumbling blocks along the way. Let’s take a peek at...

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More Books, or Fewer Books?

I have shelves full of gaming books, but there are a lot of them that I don’t use — even for the games I play regularly. That doesn’t bother me, because I enjoy reading them in their own right, and I like having a lot of ideas on hand....

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From Map to Campaign

In a post last month on attacks of opportunity, Phil proposed having the players decide where the campaign begins, and what it’s about. That’s a neat idea. If you used it, what would you have to change about your approach to GMing? The basic idea is this: you lay...

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Speeding Up Item Management

After getting feedback from my players (using my own advice from “Getting Player Feedback“), I took a crack at trimming down the time needed for item management in my D&D campaign. Among other things, I proposed that we try to resolve a post-adventure dissection of the party’s haul in...

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Handwaving PC Advancement

In this thread on EN World, punkorange posts about handwaving 4 levels and over a year of game time in his D&D campaign. Reading this, my first thought was, “Neat! How does that work?” And more importantly, how could you give this a shot in your own game? Punkorange’s...

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Music for Your Game

Up until about a year ago, I wasn’t into using background music when I ran games (though I enjoyed it as a player). The tipping point was my friend Don’s Stargate SG-4 game, which used music so effectively that now I can’t imagine not having something on in the...

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Professional GMing

I had a chance to game with Tavis Allison, the president of Behemoth3, at this year’s GenCon, and after the con he asked me if I’d write about their latest project, Otherworld Excursions, here on Treasure Tables. I agreed, for three reasons: Tavis is a very nice guy, we...

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Robert’s Rules of GMing

A little while back, I bought a book called Robert’s Rules of Writing, by Robert Masello, on an impulse. I’ve been a freelance writer for the RPG industry (alongside my day job) since 2004, and this book of tips looked like it might come in handy. And it did...

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Inspiration from Movies and TV Shows

One of my favorite things about GURPS books is that they nearly always have great bibliographies — and one of the best parts of those bibliographies is the section that lists TV shows and movies that can serve as inspiration for your game. Movies and TV shows can serve...

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Treasure Tables Now on WordPress!

I spent Labor Day importing Treasure Tables from Blogger to WordPress, which is why things looked funny here for most of the day! I decided to make the switch because this site, and its readership, are growing (which is great!), and I wanted a more robust platform to work...

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