The Wyrmwood dice tray is a luxury item that will make you the envy of your gaming group. Not only does it look great, but it also feels amazing in your hand and has a nice weight to it. The best part about this dice tray is the fact that you can roll any die (even metal ones) without them going flying off the table! It’s perfect for when you have friends over who don’t yet know how to play D&D or other roleplaying games; they’ll be reaching for their credit card before they know what hit them.

In this article, I share my personal experience using a Wyrmwood Tabletop Dice Tray I purchased at a local gaming convention. My dice tray cost a pretty penny (around $150 at a convention discount). Yes, it’s only a dice tray, but there was a compelling reason to get one. I’m sure you all have a feeling of why. But, here’s what I think and perhaps why you may want to consider one of these dice rolling accessories for your gaming.

Wyrmwood Dice Trays are expensive, but beautiful works of “functional art”

Summary (TL;DR)

The Wyrmwood Dice Tray is a beautiful dice tray that has been crafted with an awesome design. Wyrmwood is a company that creates high-end gaming accessories, and this certainly shows in the Wyrmwood Dice Tray. These are some of the features you can expect to find:

  • The Wyrmwood dice tray has been made from handcrafted wood
  • It can be used as a rolling surface for all types of games
  • There’s also plenty of room for other items like cards and miniatures
  • Fancy dice trays make great gifts that every tabletop gamer can appreciate


Why Do You Need a Dice Tray?

“Roll for initiative!” The Dungeon Master bellowed, and I swiftly scooped up my D20 from the table.

“No way,” my friend, Matt said as he shuffled his character sheet. “It’s rigged.” The others in my gaming group nodded in agreement as they sat around our makeshift gaming table.

Rolling my eyes at their naivety, I struggled to keep a straight face. I pulled the Wyrmwood dice tray from my bag and placed on the table.

“Oh, let’s try it!,” Matt yells. He’s the first to throw his D20…on my dice tray!

I’ve used my Bolivian Rosewood Dice Tray for years in countless games, e.g., RPGs, Boardgames, and Tabletop Miniature Wargaming such as Warhammer 40k.

A lot of gamers find dice trays to be a necessity, but not everybody agrees. Dice can roll all over the table causing a mess. Big, metal dice can knock over miniatures and ruin a nicely setup table. Dice can roll into beverage cups, knocking them over, or into bags of chips. Indeed, my group plays rough! Several dice tray companies have come out with different types of designs, so there are pros and cons for each dice tray. Wyrmwood has made many different woodworking items that look great and the classic tabletop dice tray is one of them.

I ended up buying one of the Wyrmwood dice trays at a convention I attended. It happened to be a beautiful Bolivian Rosewood dice tray with a leather rolling surface. It wasn’t cheap. In fact, it’s stupid expensive for what it was–a dice tray that cost me over $150. I think they cost even more nowadays. But, I still have mine and love it to death.

A big D20 is ready for battle.

What is a Wyrmwood Dice Tray?

Wyrmwood dice trays come in two different shapes and sizes: a tabletop size and personal sized tray (which is the smaller one I don’t have). There is some custom options, which I won’t get into, but you can see on the Wyrmwood website. Wyrmwood even offers the option for a Wyrmwood Dice Tray + a Wyrmwood dice tower, a great combo. In any case, Wyrmwood has many different gaming accessory options to choose from.

More than a dice tray, I use mine to keep other gaming accessories organized on the gaming tabletop.

I’ve followed Wyrmwood since their days on Etsy and then their multiple (and successful) campaigns on Kickstarter. If I were to chime in on their company talking points, I’d say that the  Wyrmwood Dice Trays are handcrafted by artisans with extra care given to every detail. I’m not 100% sure this is true, but in my experience with my tray and the others I’ve seen in person seem to prove it. Wyrmwood dice trays are made out of solid wood, and have a beautiful finish that has been durable in the years I’ve had mine. I recall being instructed to condition the leather on my dice tray to keep it from drying out and cracking. But, the wood and leather on my dice tray has lasted a long time without any maintenance (more than 5 years so far!).

Here’s Some Useful Info About Wyrmwood Dice Trays

Wyrmwood dice trays are precision cut with a full-length divider for organization of your stuff, e.g., dice, whatever. They’re laser engraved with the Wyrmwood logo, and hand sanded to provide a nice look and feel. Some gamers will use Wyrmwood Dice Trays for keeping their gaming supplies organized in a travel bag, too. They are also fairly compact and fit on any playing surface.

Wyrmwood Tabletop Dice Trays come in a handsome size (10.6″ x 8.6″ x 1.4″).

Wyrmwood Dice Trays come in 8 (or more) different species of wood that range from common (Cherry wood) to exotic (Macassar Ebony). The trays also have real authentic leather rolling surfaces, which feel soft and supple to the touch. Dice roll with a satisfying thump, with a subtle undertone “clunk” sound (depending on the weight of your dice, e.g., metal vs resin dice, and the density of the wood you’ve chosen). They just feel so good to use.

Quick Pros and Cons about Wyrmwood Tabletop Dice Trays


  • Durable Wyrmwood material that doesn’t warp in heat or absorb moisture
  • The Wyrmwood Dice Tray has an aesthetic appeal to it
  • The Wyrmwood Dice Tray has a one inch lip to catch dice on all sides


  • Might be too bulky for smaller tables
  • Could require upkeep (e.g., leather can dry out)
  • Expensive (very)

What Made Me Buy a Wyrmwood Dice Tray?

They are beautiful. Yup, that’s about it. It’s expensive, but I wanted something unique. Certainly I could have opted for a custom personal dice tray (which you can see some custom dice tray examples of here).

On my rosewood dice tray, polyhedrals and d6 dice roll easily and often clack against the side walls. Every gaming choice I make is reinforced with a tactile and audible experience. There’s just something about that….extra.

The tray has a storage compartment on the side that acts like a “margin” where you can keep your other gaming accessories. Perhaps your dice and tokens go there, or your pens for your character sheet. Pretty much anything you want can go in a Wyrmwood Dice Tray. I’ve even used a it to hold a hot coffee mug (when my host couldn’t find a suitable coaster).

I painted this miniature for a Pathfinder Campaign!


My Final Opinion: Are Wyrmwood Dice Trays Worth It?

When this tray is so expensive and any old cigar box or wooden board would do just as well, I can’t imagine why anyone would buy it. No, seriously. Then, I take mine out and use it while gaming, and I’m reminded how cool it is to just have one!

You might think buying a dice tray is akin to buying furniture or simple kitchen appliances. While you may get some super nice tables out there, they are functionally the same, as long as it isn’t crappy enough to fall apart. If you are just looking for a functional product, then there is not much difference to justify a Wyrmwood dice tray. However, if you really like the aesthetic of their products or think that one of their trays might be a special item you keep as a reminder for those good times at the gaming session, then Wyrmwood dice trays are about enhancing that experience.

Honestly, only you can answer this question of “value”, as it is dependent on your personal opinion. If they look really cool and you have the means to get one, I would recommend buying a Wyrmwood tray for yourself. It really just comes down to what your priorities are. For anywhere from $5-40, you can find tons of other dice tray options.

Oh, look! All my dice stay in one place.


The Wyrmwood Dice Tray is a beautiful product with a minimalist design. It’s crafted by a company that creates high-end gaming accessories, and this shows in my experience with the tabletop dice tray. Wyrmwood trays accentuate your games by providing a place where you can store your dice apart from the table so it doesn’t get lost during gameplay – as well as making rolling dice more enjoyable through a tactile and audible experience (a tad corny, but it’s a real thing!). Suffice it to say, I love mine.

Of course, like any gaming accessory, there will be people who love them and those who don’t. Wyrmwood dice trays are worth it for the experiential component of using one. But, there may be cheaper options on the market that can do what a fancy Wyrmwood dice tray does at a lower cost. Ultimately, there will be people who like Wyrmwood dice trays and those who don’t.

Do you have a Wyrmwood Dice Tray? Do you think they are worth the expense? Let me know below!