Back in 2015, we teased a project we had been considering for quite some time, a foray into writing Gamer Romance novels that focused on Gnome Centric erotica. Too long had Vampire erotica and Elven erotica taken the mainstage, it was time for the mighty gnomes to get some sexy times! It took us a while to get into production, but we proudly present our very first gnomrotica gamer romance novel – Twenty Six Point Five Shades of Scarlet!

Lovingly written by Gnomes Troy E. Taylor, Senda Linaugh, Matthew Neagley, and J.T. Evans, our nearly 50 pages of hot gnome on gnome/dwarf/anyone willing action are ready for your perusal over at Drive Thru RPG!

The title is pay what you want, and we’d love if you checked it out. If you appreciate the effort we put into this, please pay a dollar or two for it, because we’re not taking ANY of the money for ourselves. We’re giving it all away to Planned Parenthood, who provides incredible healthcare to people in need in all parts of America. We’re not just stopping there either. We will be donating $150 dollars up front to Planned Parenthood, but every dollar you give us for our nearly 50 pages of Gnome Based erotica will help raise that number higher.


Click here for a 10 page sample of the book.

From The Gnome Hunters

…and yet how could she lie to this man?
“Raphael.” His name tasted foreign and exhilarating on her lips.
“Please….I know what they’re after. And I know why.”
He turned to face her and she saw some slight concern cross his
features. “Laila, darling, please tell me what you know. Anything that could
help me protect you is precious. Here.” He gestured to a sumptuous living
room with large cozy couches, and then, once she had sat, settled in next to
her angled in to face her. “Please.”


From A Lady’s Beard

     “I suppose it has happened awfully fast. But it was right.” She
frowned a bit. “Didn’t even know I was a dwarf? What did you take me for?”
“Oh I don’t know. But my silly old uncle told me once that all
dwarven ladies have very fancy beards and you don’t have one. So I thought
maybe you weren’t a dwarf.”

     Then she shot me another of her smiles, “Your uncle wasn’t so silly.”

     And then she leaned down and whispered, her breath hot on my skin, and I
blushed the whole way to the very tips of my ears.


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