A tavern is more than a name or its bill of fare.

It’s the folk inside.

They’re the ones who belly up to the bar, order a round, risk all in a game of chance, grouse over a mug, join in a group song, do a little business, try to steal a kiss, concoct a scheme, agitate the rabble, debate politics, or seek refuge from the world’s troubles.

And while the tavern’s name on the board outside or the general condition of the building might clue you in on the type of drinking establishment that lies within, you’ll never know for certain until you cross the threshhold and meet the people who frequent the place.

So, check your weapons at the door, grab a d20, and see who is running and patronizing the Publik House these days.


  1. Jaunty Jill. A gambler who won the house on a roll of the dice, who keeps things lively by providing gambling.
  2. Mrs. Canhold. A widow respected by regulars for keeping a clean place and insisting on a sense of propriety.
  3. Capt. Vallas. A retired soldier and a patriot who indulges former soldiers who run up tabs and abuse his hospitality.
  4. Pontius. A former slave whose kitchen fare draws in customers as much as the house’s signature mead.
  5. Daughters of Voel Neller. Three women trying to keep the business afloat after their father went adventuring.


  1. Regelius Stitchpurse. An humorless investor who conducts business over a glass of port, buying and selling shares in real estate and large-scale projects.
  2. Lilly Sachet. A flirty gossip who never hesitates to trade her secrets for a full mug.
  3. Art Haulin. Brawny, surly dockworker who only wants to drink his ale in peace after a long day at work.
  4. Cally Kandu. She’s the lure for the unsuspecting traveler, ready with a tale of distress. Her conferates wait outside to rob the unsuspecting.
  5. Freddy Fletcher. Honest dart tosser who is always up for a friendly game. Only plays for money when he challenges pros after seeing them hustling easy marks.
  6. Milicent the Mighty. Buffoon of an adventurer, but beloved for her good heart and steadfast loyalty.
  7. Carter Liberty. Political free thinker who is eager to discuss unjust laws and advocate for change.
  8. Patricia Wink. It’s her birthday and she wants someone to share a celebratory drink with.
  9. Squeaky Charlie. The first whisp of a beard appeared on his chin this morning so he’s come looking for his first drink. His voice is still changing.
  10. Chandra Cutter. Knife fighter full of piss and vinegar and spoiling for a fight and hard liquor.
  11. Samuel Stuffshirt. A high-ranking official in a city department with wide-ranging powers. His daily drink is to settle his nerves before heading home.
  12. Gail Sails. First mate on a fast ship who relies on the house to collect her mail and bank her share each time she’s in port.
  13. Mathias Smudge. Purveyor of small magics and alchemical products who sets up shop once a week.
  14. Veranda Terraced. Local gardener who brightens up a room with her delivery of floral arrangements. Always stops to fill her flask, to keep away the night chill, you know.
  15. William Touched. A smooth-talking rake who always seems to be short on cash and eager to engage in conversation.
  16. Zither Pantaloons. A brightly attired musician with a smile and a repertoire of crowd-pleasing tavern songs.
  17. Lucky Dan. Easy come, easy go. A windfall’s just come this regular’s way and he wants to share his fortune with a round for the house.
  18. Ephiny Rule. Penny-pinching tea-drinker of a strict and judgmental religious sect who only stopped because she needs a room for the night.
  19. Cannidius Cole. Former soldier who is missing an arm, with an even disposition but won’t hesitate to intervene when he perceives a wrong.
  20. Yonella Red Scarf. An exuberant fan of the sports arena, the gladiators, chariot racers and foot racers who is always decked out in the colors of her current champion.

Hope these foot the bill the next time your adventuring party decides to check out the nearest watering hole. As for the serving staff, those I leave to you to figure out. 🙂