Today is the final day that you can preorder Phil Vecchione’s Never Unprepared: The Complete Game Master’s Guide to Session Prep. Preorders include immediate access to the PDF edition.

If you’re not sure you need a book about prep — to our knowledge, the first-ever book entirely about prep — check out the free 16-page PDF preview or the seven excellent reviews the book has received. And if you have any questions about it, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments!

The book is at the printer, and I expect the first print run to arrive on my doorstep in the first half of July. When it arrives, my wife and I will work together to get all preorder copies packed, labelled, and shipped out to you as soon as we can. It usually takes us a hectic evening or two.

What’s the timeline after preorders close?

Here’s what’ll happen next:

  • Within the next few days, I’ll add the standalone PDF edition ($9.95) to the Engine Publishing store and DriveThruRPG. We include the PDF free with every print copy of the book, but if you’re a PDF-only GM this is the version you’ve been waiting for!
  • After preorders have all been shipped, I’ll add the print edition to the Engine Publishing store. This should happen in mid-late July, but depends on when I get books and how quickly I can turn preorders around.
  • Never Unprepared will be available at the Studio 2 Publishing booth at GenCon. They’re bringing 132 copies; I don’t know their booth number yet. If you buy it at the con, our PDF guarantee makes it easy for you to get your free PDF version after the fact.
  • Sometime later this year — my guess is between October and December — Never Unprepared should be available in retail stores. I have no control over this process, and it’s pretty variable. If you want to buy it from your FLGS, let them know and they’ll be able to order you a copy.

My thanks to everyone who has preordered Never Unprepared! You’ve helped to make this our best book launch ever in terms of number of copies sold, which is totally, totally awesome.

If you’ve been waiting to preorder, don’t wait too much longer! The store is open.