Alright. I admit it. It’s just a guess. I’ve never played in a game that had gnomes, surgery, and currency based economics, so I can’t prove that surgery is one of those things that’s effected by size category. I just get the gut feeling that since gnomes are small, the higher precision detail work required for performing surgery on them would command a price multiplier. Given the already astronomical price of surgery, that means surgery on gnomes probably auto-crits the ol’ wallet.

So? What can YOU as GM do about the price of surgery on gnomes? Well, we’ve dicussed before (see point 5) the fact that the GM is a De facto leader of the gaming group, so it’s not beyond your power (and ethical responsibility, btw) to guide the behavior of your troupe of gnomes. This means setting a good example, at least on game day, for behaviors you’d like to see them emulate. You don’t want to get preachy or pedantic, but simply opting for a salad instead of a pizza, or carrot sticks instead of Cheetos, sitting with good posture, GMing while standing or walking (which incidentally is likely to help your delivery) ,  keeping stress levels down, and taking regular breaks to stretch your legs (not to smoke, you cancer addicts!) will go a long way towards encouraging healthy behaviors in your group.

What’re your thoughts on this? Is it part of a GM’s responsibility? What are some good beahaviors you’ve modeled for your group? Has it worked? Inquiring gnomes want to know!