I’m a big fan of counters as an alternative to miniatures, and I’ve gone through a number of storage and organizational options before settling on this one.

It’s a plastic craft cabinet, and I paid less than $30 for it at Target. (You can find similar cabinets at hardware/home improvement stores, too.)

It holds over 4,000 counters, with plenty of room for more.

I bought a pack of sticky labels to go with it, and then spent the better part of a day sorting them into categories and labelling the drawers. I left a few drawers empty to give myself some wiggle room.

Here’s a larger image that shows my categories. They’re not the most logical, but they fit the counters that I have.

It doesn’t travel well (the counters fall out of the drawers), but that’s the only downside — I love this thing.

How do you store your counters?