As part of our second annual New Year, New Game challenge, we’re also running our second blog carnival!

This is separate from the 2013 NYNG contest, although the timeframe is the same and folks are welcome to both enter the contest and take part in the blog carnival.

A blog carnival is an event that features multiple blogs contributing posts on the same broad topic, in this case posts about running a new game. We’ll be linking to NYNG posts throughout the challenge, and then the day after it ends we’ll post a wrap-up that links to all of them.

How to Take Part

If you write or contribute an RPG blog or website and you’d like to join this carnival, here’s the scoop:

  • Anytime between now and January 28, 2013, publish a post about running a new game. It can be GMing advice, tips based on past experience, a passionate wall of text about a game you want to run, or anything else that fits the topic of running a new game.
  • Include a link to this article and to in your post. If you like, you can use this text verbatim: “This post was written for the second annual New Year, New Game blog carnival hosted by Gnome Stew as part of the 2013 New Year, New Game challenge.”
  • When your post goes live, email me directly (martin gnomestew com) so that I can link to it on, include it in our carnival roundup article, and share it on Google+. We want the bloggers who join this carnival to get as much exposure as possible!

The carnival post on Gnome Stew, including links to all posts contributed to the carnival, will go up on January 29, 2013, the day after the contest ends.

If you have any questions, fire away in the comments.