One of Gnome Stew’s side projects is New Year, New Game (NYNG), an annual challenge to GMs: Run a new game this year. You can read more about this challenge on the NYNG site, if you’re curious.

Reader Edward Lockhart emailed me a reminder that it’s about time for a NYNG check-in post, and he’s absolutely right — thanks, Edward!

How’s it NYNGing?

If you’re taking the NYNG challenge this year — in brief, to run at least one game that’s new to you — how’s it going? Have you run a new game yet, or is one in the works? Have you run 10?

My NYNG brings all the halflings to the yard

For my part, I started a Star Wars: Edge of the Empire campaign this month. Prior to this I’d played it once, but it’s definitely new to me from a GMing standpoint. It’s been fun so far, and I like the dice system quite a bit. There’s a learning curve, but it delivers interesting results and takes the game in surprising directions more often than not.

I’ve also facilitated (not run, as it’s GM-less) Signal Lost, the game I designed for Game Chef 2013. We had fun with it, I got some great feedback, and I’m currently deciding whether this is going to be my next publishing project.

It’s late in the year to call it likely, but I still have a back-burnered plan to run B/X (Moldvay/Cook) D&D over Google+ Hangouts before too long. I’ve been picking at it and wiping it away and starting over a lot, which probably means it’s time to just bang something out and run it already. I’ve played Mentzer D&D before, and run Labyrinth Lord once, but Moldvay D&D is new to me as a GM.

There’s a better chance that I’ll get to run or facilitate at least one more indie RPG this year as well. I have a twice-monthly Hangout game that thus far has cycled through an indie game every month or so, and there’s lots of new games on my shelf I’m itching to try.

How about you?