Today is the final day of voting in the 2013 ENnie Awards. If you want to support the Stew, our GMing book Never Unprepared, and Engine Publishing, please vote for us today — and thank you!

Voting is cake, and you don’t have to log in or anything:

  1. Head to the ENnie Awards voting booth
  2. Scroll to Best Blog and rank Gnome Stew a “1”
  3. Scroll to Best Website and rank Gnome Stew a “1”
  4. Scroll to Best Writing and rank Never Unprepared: The Complete Game Master’s Guide to Session Prep a “1”
  5. Scroll to Fans’ Favorite Publisher and rank Engine Publishing a “1”
  6. Click the big “Submit Ballot” button to cast your votes

If you’ve already voted, whether for us or for other nominees, thank you for taking part in a process that means a lot to all of the nominees. If you’ve already voted for us, many thanks!