While reading Patrick’s article and related comments yesterday something struck me as a good Hot Button topic: As a Game Master, what do you do when two of your players break up and both wish to remain in the game?

If you’ve gamed for any respectable length of time, then you’ve probably had at least one romantic couple in your group. Sometimes they join as a couple. Sometimes one of them is already part of the group and recruits the other. Sometimes two members of the same group strike up a relationship. Whatever the case, there’s always a chance that the relationship will fail.

As a Game Master, it’s easy to make the non-decision to keep both chairs open and let the former lovers decide whether to stay or go. It’s also easy to let someone go if an excuse is readily available (“Um, Sammie’s been with us for three years; you just joined three sessions ago. Sammie stays, sorry”). 

Sometimes, however, things aren’t as clear-cut. Both ex-lovers have been part of the group for a significant period of time and they’re both considered friends. However, they now have baggage to lug to the game with them. What if one of them starts seeing someone else at the table? (Believe it or not, this actually happened in one of my gaming circles).

So today’s Hot Button is this: A romantic couple at your table has broken up and both wish to stay. You consider them both friends. Under what circumstances would you allow them to stay?  If you don’t feel comfortable keeping both, would you rather drop them both or keep one?