Welcome to the Gnomecast, the Gnome Stew’s tabletop gaming advice podcast. Here we talk with the other gnomes about gaming things to avoid becoming part of the stew. So I guess we’d better be good. This episode we have John, Tracy and Darcy talking about Drinking in Games.


Hey Wait, there’s more!!!!

This gnomecast was extra special, because we did it live at Acadecon, and we video taped it! You can see the video of this if you are a patron of ours, and if you aren’t a patron you can go see it by becoming a patron! Just head over to patreon.com/gnomestew and become a patron at any level, then you can watch it right away!

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John Arcadian, Tracy Barnett, and Darcy Ross sit at a table scattered with gaming miniatures, microphones, and drinks as they talk animatedly!