As the 2007 GenCon countdown clock winds down (10 more days!), I wanted to mention two TT-related events that will be taking place at the con.

The first is Mastering Your GM-Fu, a free game mastering seminar led by Zachary Houghton (formerly the author of RPG Blog), Vicki Potter (editor at Tabletop Adventures), experienced game master Phil Vecchione and myself. This seminar will take place on Saturday, August 18th in the Embassy Suites (Chancellor 3, 5th floor) from 2:00-4:00 PM.

When we ran this seminar at last year’s GenCon, we fielded a ton of great GMing questions and everyone seemed to have a good time. We’re sticking to the same format this year, but apparently we’ll be in a nicer location — a larger room that’s actually on the convention map. We’ll also be giving away official “GM-Fu d2s,” which should be pretty nifty.

With 100 seats this year, we had about 40 spots open as of the close of online registration. Between folks we know will be there but who didn’t register and folks who learn about the seminar between now and the con, we expect a full house again this year. You don’t need an event ticket to attend, and you’re welcome to show up without registering — I hope to see you there!

On that note, it looks like there will be a very informal TT gathering right after the seminar. I’m not sure what we’ll be doing, but going out for burgers and beer is pretty likely — and whatever we do, it’ll be low-key. If you’d like to meet some fellow GMs and TT readers, commenters and forum members, stop by and say hello.

(Update: Also, voting for the 2008 ENnie Awards judges opens today. If you’re interested in the ENnies, check out the nominees, read their qualifications and take a few moments to vote. These folks do a ton of work in choosing the ENnie-nominated products (the technical term is “a shitload” — you can get a feel for that by reading In my judgment, 2007 judge Jeramy Ware’s blog about the judging process), and they could use your support.)