Via Gaming Report, I saw that Wizards of the Coast has just launched Gleemax, a social networking site for tabletop gamers (think MySpace, Facebook, etc.). It’s black, green and confusing — or maybe I’m just getting old?

According to WotC: “It’s a massive expansion of our web presence, designed to give gamers a place online where they can hang out, play games, and most importantly, find other gamers.” And: “We want to give all gamers their own personal pages with tons of features that make it convenient to talk about games, find people to play games with, and get more out of the games they choose to play.

It takes some digging to pull that out of the site, though — there’s not much there yet, and what is there is garish and unappealing. But the core idea, even though it seems to be mainly focused on CCG and minis gamers, piques my interest as a GM.

I see potential there for driving gamers to stores (another of Gleemax’s stated goals), linking up with other players and GMs and otherwise taking advantage of the networking aspects of a site like this. But what I’ve seen so far is an instant turn-off, and it doesn’t seemed to be aimed at me in any case. What do you think?