Welcome back, ye tired, ye broke and ye awesomed-out!

Here’s what you missed on Gnome Stew while you were in Indy (thanks for suggesting this, Troy!):


(’cause let’s be honest: Mentally, you started GenCon at least this early)

D&D Burgoo (4.0): Remaking the Realms IV: Adventure Hooks Along the Rauvin, Troy’s adventure seeds for the re-imagined Realms, and The Best Break from GMing: Playing, my simple recommendation for recharging your GMing batteries.


Without which not, Scott’s in-depth look at character roles and the problems that can arise around them, which drew a ton of great comments.


Matthew’s Surgery on Gnomes is Expensive! — as GMs, should we take the lead in modeling healthy behavior for our groups?


Troy wrote Troy’s Crock Pot: Realms as a freebie, which looks at WotC’s latest free 4e Realms excerpt: The Silver Marches, oddly enough.


F.A.P.: The Problem With Dexterity, the first in a new series from John: Frequently Abused Powers, my regular GMing link roundup, Gnome Rodeo: Everyone’s at GenCon Edition and late in the evening, some awesome news: Congratulations to Gold ENnie Winner DungeonMastering.com! (Go, Yax, go!)

The Weekend

You know how relief is spelled R-O-L-A-I-D-S? Well, lazy is spelled G-N-O-M-E. My big accomplishment was getting a haircut.

Right This Hot Minute

We kicked off this week with our first contest, where you can win custom sound effects for your game.

How was your GenCon?