(8:55 pm MST) Since I couldn’t be there this year, I’ve been tormenting myself by reading GenCon tidbits, and I just saw some awesome news:

DungeonMastering.com won the gold ENnie for Best Fan Product!

That’s totally badass — nice, nice work, Yax. You deserve it, and I think this will be an inspiration to RPG bloggers everywhere. I know it will be an inspiration for Gnome Stew next year.

I was also pleased to see Star Wars Saga Edition take several ENnies — I really liked the approach WotC took with that one. Ditto for Trail of Cthulhu, which boasts a sharp system and a great implementation of the Mythos in game form.

The official ENnies site hasn’t been updated yet, but the front page of EN World has the complete list of winners.

But again, the big news for me is DungeonMastering.com‘s win. That’ll have me smiling all weekend.