Via Gaming Report, I just heard about Free RPG Day.

Along the lines of Free Comic Book Day, Free RPG Day is a promotional effort that involves giving away 1,000 free copies of adventures and quickstart RPG rules at hobby stores. Publishers provide the material, and the organizers handle distribution to retailers.

Free Comic Book Day is awesome — you walk into the store, you get free comics — and I’d love to see Free RPG Day work out for gamers. It sounds like a good way to get more folks into stores, and more new players into the hobby — both very good things.

The website needs some work — it’s pretty cheesy, and there’s at least one important mistake: the site lists Bronze sponsorship at $100, and the PDF fact sheet puts the price at $150. Several larger publishers have already signed up, though (White Wolf, Goodman Games, Mongoose Publishing), and with a bit more work I think Free RPG Day could attract many more.

I wonder if gaming stores will be looking for GMs to run some of those free adventures?