With Faction Gaming in the Empire, the author of munkipox adds another layer to the evil overlord concept introduced here on TT: attributes for the various factions.

Here’s an excerpt: “Faction attributes are rated from 1-10, and represent the resources and skills that a faction has to bring to bear on a situation. Faction attributes may change by +/- 1 from turn to turn in response to in-game events.

All factions are ranked in six areas, including Diplomacy and Covert Operations, which sounds specific enough to be useful while remaining general enough to be simple. And just as importantly, each faction’s relationships with the other listed factions are spelled out — that’s a great idea.

The Empire in question is the one in Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay’s Old World (one of my favorite RPGs), but the system itself is definitely general enough to be applicable to plenty of other games (and if you play WFRP, now you have six statted-out factions for your campaign!).

Cool implementation, secretive, anonymous munkipox author! just as when Tom ran with the idea to come up with his priority system (as seen in the free evil overlords PDF), it’s really neat to see other GMs taking this concept and running with it.