I’ve been writing material for Twilight: 2013, so I guess I’ve just got post-apocalyptic scenarios on the brain. Close on the heels of last week’s Aliens are Going to Kill Us All comes another set of links from kottke:

Imagine earth without people, a New Scientist article about the consequences of an immediate and complete de-population of the Earth — no corpses, just poof, adios.

It uses Pripyat, near Chernobyl, as a real-world basis for some of the predictions, which makes a lot of sense. Add the corpses, and you’ve got an awesome baseline for a campaign featuring abandoned cities and a resurgent Mother Nature.

The World Without Us, an upcoming (July 10, 2007) book by Alan Weisman, which tours the world in exploring a similar scenario. This one sounds fascinating, and it’s on my must-look list for my next trip to the bookstore.