The first annual Worldwide Adventure Writing Month challenge has ended — at least officially (more on that in a moment). Six GMs took the WoAdWriMo challenge, creating seven free adventures and sharing them with the community in the adventure archive:

Asteroid 1618 (PDF), an Encounter Critical module by Jeff Rients
The Blue Mountains (.doc), a D&D 3.5e adventure by Jay A. Hafner
The Maze of Cherno, a D&D 3.5e scenario by Peter Seckler
SkyFell (PDF), a D&D 3.5e adventure by Phill Winters
Systema Tartarobasis (PDF), a Castles & Crusades module by Gabor Lux
Xathyl’s Redoubt, the second D&D 3.5e adventure by Peter Seckler
Zero Sum Gain (PDF), a Shadowrun 4th Edition scenario by Bobby Derie

Congratulations to everyone who took the challenge! You rock, and thank you for giving GMs all over the world seven new adventures to use in their own games.

Even though WoAdWriMo is technically over, if you’re still writing your adventure or would like to write one sometime soon, you should keep right on trucking. The adventure archive will be open all year — right through WoAdWriMo 2008 and beyond, in fact — and I’ll be happy to host or link to your adventure anytime.