There’s a discussion in the TT forums about the end of Paizo’s run on Dungeon and Dragon Magazines, and it’s currently drifted towards the topic of published adventures in general.

“Adventures don’t sell” seems to the party line that many publishers toe, but I don’t think this tells the whole story.

Good adventures seem to sell just fine — along with Dungeon itself, Paizo’s Shackled City hardcover has apparently done very well. Ditto with the entire line of Dungeon Crawl Classics from Goodman Games. So-so adventures, unsurprisingly, don’t do so hot (and there are a lot of those) — but clearly somebody must be buying the good ones.

So how about it: Do you buy adventures for any of the systems that you GM?

How important is it to you that RPG publishers provide adventures for their games? Do you buy the shitty ones too, just to have the material? Why do you think the “Adventures don’t sell” mantra is out there?