Assuming you have a favorite genre (fantasy, pulp, four-color supers, etc.), and at least one genre you don’t like, there’s a fertile middle ground: genres you haven’t tried yet.

There are lots of reasons to stick with what you know: not wanting to learn a new system, being really jazzed about a particular genre, having a group that likes the games you usually play, etc.

But there are plenty of good reasons to step out of your genre comfort zone, too (a subset of getting out of your general GMing comfort zone):

  • Explore new conventions. All genres have their own conventions, and by crossing genre boundaries you can learn about, and then make use of, those conventions in your genre of choice.
  • You might find a new favorite. If you’ve never run a supers game, how do you know you won’t love it? More imporantly, how do you know your players won’t love it?
  • Taste new flavors. Flavor is a big part of what defines different genres, and like conventions it can be pretty easy to export to other genres.
  • Simply trying something new. “Try new things” is one of my three maxims for GMs, and it certainly applies here. Even if you take a step outside your genre comfort zone and hate it, you’ll benefit from having tried that new thing.

What’s your favorite genre to GM? Do you have more than one favorite? What about anti-favorites — genres you refuse to GM?