Fallcrest, as presented in the 4E Dungeon Master’s Guide, is a gem. Designed to be a campaign starting point, it’s got a handful of adventure hooks and can accommodate additional material of your own design easily enough.

At the least, it’s a good template for a town of your own design.

For me, I’m attempting to make the Realms my own before the official published setting is released. (See previous post). So let’s find a way to put Fallcrest in its place. 

Home is where the monsters are

Mention the Realms, and a goodly number of folks will think (and rightly so) of Waterdeep. Others tap into the Dales.(1)

But for me, the best fit for Fallcrest seems to be the North (or, if your prefer, the Silver Marches). Maybe I’ve read too many of R.A. Salvatore’s novels, but the expanse of wilderness dotted with small, defensible towns (and the shining city of Silverymoon) has the most appeal.

Home is where the monsters are, and there’s no shortage of monsters in the shadow of the Nether Mountains, south-southeast of Hilltop, halfway between Jalanthar and Lhuvenhead on the southern shore of the River Rauvin. I’ll put the dot for Fallcrest right there.

I’ll also use a portion of the environs map that accompanied the Fallcrest description. But I’m going to disregard anything more than 10 miles north or south of Fallcrest and 25 miles east and west. Then I’ll turn the map on its side, so that the Nentir River can stand for the Rauvin, as it runs east and west past Fallcrest. This way the Trade Road goes to the High Forest, the King’s Road to Hilltop and the branch of the Winter River runs down from the Moon Pass.

Lots of options

Placing Fallcrest here allows me to use the Kobald Hall dungeon from the DMG, if I wish, as well as explore a good deal of wilderness. 

With Fallcrest as the centerpoint, I can run adventures in mystery-shrouded and magically enchanted woodlands, rugged snow-capped mountains, ruins (and accompanying dungeons), visit the gentler vale, the rigorous Moon Pass and incorporate all sorts of water- and marsh-themed encounters on and along the River Rauvin.

From the troll-infested Evermoors to the west to Delimbiyr Vale in the east, there’s a wealth of potential.

(1) The Third Edition Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting made good use of this preference. For another excellent example of a base town for your adventurers, check out Ashabenford, the largest town in Mistledale, which also is within spitting distance of Myth Drannor.