When D&D 4th Edition launches on June 6th, many GMs will be making a tough decision: to 4e or not to 4e. Several of us gnomes have already made that choice, though, and will be snagging all three core books either on or shortly after launch day.

We’ll be rubbing our grubby little gnome-paws all over them anyway, and we’d love to write about all three core books from a GM’s perspective for you. That’s something we don’t expect a lot of other sites to do — but it’s all we do. Let us do it for you!

As a GM, what would you want to know about the core books before picking up a set? And what GMing aspects would you like us to write about here in the days after 4e goes live?

Depending on how many comments this post gets, we might cover your questions Q&A style or more organically — we’ll just have to see what makes the most sense.

The mike is open, the stage is empty: What 4th Edition coverage would you like to see on the Stew?