Want to buy a copy of Eureka: 501 Adventure Plots to Inspire Game Masters as a Christmas gift? Still haven’t picked up a copy for yourself?

For the first time, we’re putting Eureka on sale for four days — Black Friday through Cyber Monday, November 26-29.

Eureka is normally $34.95 as a print + PDF bundle and $16.95 as a PDF, but during the sale you can get Gnome Stew’s Golden Geek Award-nominated, rave-review-receiving first book for $24.95 print + PDF or $11.95 PDF. That’s $10 off the bundle price and $5 off the PDF price — that’s 29% off!

Eureka contains 501 complete, system-neutral adventure plots — enough material for a fun night of gaming, but not so much that you’ll spend all your time fixing it to fit into your game. It’s designed to be the ultimate adventure toolkit, packed with enough inspiration for many years of gaming. At 312 pages, this is not a small book!

Anyhoo, we think you’ll like Eureka, it makes a great gift, and this is a nice price. Happy Thanksgiving!