It’s Black Friday!

Daaamn mod

No, not that kind of Friday. (But now I want to watch that movie again.)

And not the kind where nerds stand outside electronic stores in the wee hours, waiting to buy something that will probably cost less in a couple months, either.

And no, we’re not talking about the kind of Black Friday that leads stockbrokers to autodefenestration. (Although with the state of my portfolio, that might not be a bad idea, if only my broker weren’t on the first floor…)

We’re talking about the annual plethora of sales on role-playing games! And this year, it’s bigger than I’ve ever seen it.

Where to begin? Well, let’s start with something near and dear to my heart, or at least to my dice… Savage Worlds. Reality Blurs is having a 50% off sale, including the already-discounted RunePunk bundle. Other titles: Realms of Cthulhu, Iron Dynasty, and Ravaged Earth. While on their site, check out the Razorwise Report, a wide-ranging blog written by RB’s founder (or possibly Britney’s son).

Keeping in the Savage vein, Silver Gryphon has cut prices on all PDF products through Sunday. ‘Diabolical Traps — Skeletons’? “I’ll buy that for a dollar.”

In the D&D 4E world, Nevermeet Press’ “Brother Ptolemy & The Hidden Kingdom” is on sale — buy the print copy before December, upload a picture of the book to their Facebook page, and get the PDF for free (more details). A somewhat familiar blog posted a favorable review of it here.

Covering everything from 1E to 4E (and more), Goodman Games is selling all of their PDFs at 33% off. Yes, that includes their most-awesome Dungeon Alphabet, and too many categories to list here.

Did someone mention 1E and the retro-clones? Troll Lord Games, publisher of Castles & Crusades, is unleashing Unklar’s Winter Dark upon an unsuspecting public. I’m not sure what that means, aside from 25-50% off all PDFs.

Gun Metal Games is also having a 50% off sale, covering d20 variants, Pathfinder, and even Savage Worlds.

What’s that? You don’t like those games, and want a dark fantasy setting for the Hero system? That’s cool. Kamarathin from d3 Games is half price. Boo-ya!

Looking for a versatile and novel system? Try Silvervine, the creation of our own John Arcadian (and others). It’s half price, and can handle just about any character concept that can be thrown at it. My ‘pirate head on steampunk spider legs, with a six-shooter flintlock’ concept? Check. Patrick’s ‘trash-talking sandwich/attorney, complete with toaster-oven armor plating’ concept? Check.

System neutral you say? There’s no satisfying some people, but perhaps the news that everything from Fat Dragon Games is 15-50% off. Fat Dragon makes those awesome PDF terrain pieces that you know you want. Print, cut, glue, play.

Despite the best efforts of his minions, the Overlord at Tabletop Adventures has survived to mark another birthday, and everything is 20% off in celebration. Tabletop’s motto is “Help for the harried gamemaster”. It’s also an accurate description of their Shards and Bits line of products.

Lest you think only electronic media is on sale, RPG Shop is having their own Black Friday sale. Check it out. Better yet, check out the prices on the Campaign Cartographer add-ons…

Some of these may be duplicates of the above sales, but take a look at everything on sale at Paizo. Notables include 50% off in-stock Green Ronin books, up to 90% off certain Goodman Games titles, and 80% off certain anime titles.

Just like last year,’s RPG section is still overrun with ‘chick-lit’, but there are a few deals to be had for the sharp-eyed.

And finally, for those of you who barely have enough money to pay attention, there’s plenty of free stuff. I can’t wait to see my players’ reactions when I pull out the Tomb of Horrors Map Set for a ‘normal’ dungeon.

Got more to add? Sound off in the comments and share the love!