We had 65 entries in our guess how ancient the gnomes are contest, with the largest prize we’ve ever offered up for grabs: a $103 Amazon.com gift certificate.

There were a lot of guesses in the right ballpark, as well as a few folks who thought we were all 12 years old (or didn’t read the whole contest article, which included a “floor” number) — and many more folks who think we’re an ancient, decrepit bunch of windbags. Since we are windbags, and some of us are pretty goddamn old, we approve!

But the closest guess, which was actually insanely close, came from Gnome Stew reader narro87, with 142,142 days — a guess that also managed to incorporate the answer to life, the universe, and everything not once, but twice!

The actual total age of the gnomes, in days, as of May 12, 2011, was 142,221 days. narro87 was off by just 79 days, making narro87 the winner of our contest! Huge congrats, narro87! An email has been dispatched, and I can’t wait to send you your gift certificate.

Thank you to everyone who entered, and I hope you enjoyed the contest. We’ll try something different next time, as always, and contest suggestions are welcome.