The second annual NYNG challenge has ended, which means we have a bevy of blog posts about running new games to share with you!

We had 12 posts this year, and a wide range of topics under the new game umbrella were covered. Thank you to all of the bloggers who wrote a post for this carnival, and I hope we’ll see you all again in 2014.

Blog Posts about Running New Games

You’ll find inspiration, tips, and clever ideas in these dozen posts:

Babil Kulesi

In Yeni Yıl, Yeni Oyunculuk (rough English version), Turkish blog Babil Kulesi looks at responsibilities and roles at the gaming table, and managing to work both Robin Laws’ Hillfolk and Marsellus Wallace into the same post.

The Black Campbell

RPG Blog Carnival: New Year, New Game is about losing one’s gaming group, finding a new one, and trying new things.

The DM from Outremer

In Gnome Stew New Year, New Game (NYNG) Carnival 2013 , The DM from Outremer blogs about what became the second place winner in the contest side of NYNG 2013, his “Abandoned Heroes” game pitch.

Eric’s Gaming Pulse

Eric wrote not one but two posts for this carnival, Do Encounters, about swapping Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple for D&D Encounters, and A Penny for My Thoughts: 11th Hour Memories, which is about exploring memories in the RPG A Penny for My Thoughts.

Harbinger of Doom

New Games in the New Year is a detailed look at campaign history and adventuring companies, and a useful framework to consider when starting your own new campaign.


New game cubed! is about moving to a new city, making new friends, and introducing them to new games — which is pretty damned fantastic.

Hit on Crit

In Building a Story Driven World, you’ll learn about how to use Story World Cards to craft campaigns and one-shots alike. This feels like a Gnome Stew article, which is neat!

The Iron Taven

New Year, New Game 2013 is The Iron Tavern’s look back at NYNG 2012 and look ahead at NYNG 2013 and the new games on the horizon this year.

Tabletop Diversions

Another Attempt at a Social RPG Game is about using USR to run post-apocalyptic science-fantasy, pulling bits and pieces from other sources.

UK Roleplayers

New Year, Old Game is a great example of why “new game” needn’t mean new game: a look at returning to old games with new eyes.

Violent Media

In Perspective, Violent Media sums up NYNG in one sentence: “NEW GAMES YIELD NEW EXPERIENCES YIELD NEW PERSPECTIVES.” Well said!

I hope you enjoyed these articles, and NYNG 2013, and here’s to new games!