I’ve always been a fan of spiral notebooks for GMing notes, particularly spiral notebooks with perforated pages and durable covers. But there’s always one problem with them: When you stick them in a bag of gaming books, the spines have a tendency to get smooshed.

Enter the Five Star Advanced spiral notebook. Not only does it have a pen loop (something every notebook should come with), it has a nylon sleeve sewn into its cover that protects the coil from getting crushed.

I bought one of the smaller ones (the 6″ x 9 1/2″ version) for work, and it travels like a champ. I couldn’t find one of the larger ones (linked above) when I needed a notebook for my current campaign, and I’m regretting that already.

Simply put, this is the best spiral notebook I’ve ever seen. If you like using notebooks for your old-school GMing note-taking needs, I highly recommend them.