From November 1st through December 9th, Treasure Tables will be in reruns. I’ve queued up 39 posts from the archives (some obvious choices, some less obvious ones), and they’ll be popping up one-a-day until early December.

Rerun mode also means:

• Comments are off, except on two posts: Taking November Off from Writing TT, and the one you’re reading right now (for feedback and ideas about sustaining TT). I wish I could leave comments open like normal — your comments are a huge part of what TT is all about — but I just won’t have time to read them, clear the mod queue, police spam and so forth. Every rerun post will have a link to the original’s comments section, so that you can follow those discussions if you’re interested.

• The Treasure Tables forums will remain open, thanks to our most excellent moderators. If you need a GMing discussion fix, I encourage you to sign up (it’s free!) and dive on in.

• I’ll probably be much slower than normal on answering email, and you won’t see much of me on the site. Hell, I don’t think my wife will see much of me around the house — this NaNo thing is going to be nuts (in a good way).

I’m doing this because I’m taking part in National Novel Writing Month, and because I need a break from running this site. There’s a chance that after such a long break, I won’t return to writing TT (or at least, not in quite the same form). That’s the short version; the long version is in Taking November Off from Writing TT.

That’s enough out of me, though — for the next 39 days, enjoy some blasts from the recent and not-so-recent past as we take a spin through the archives. See you in December!