Here are links to four rather odd maps:

DanMeth’s Fantasy World Map
XKCD’s Online Communities map 1
XKCD’s Online Communities map 2
ENWorld’s Interactive RPG Map

All of those maps are a little silly, but fun.  What I propose is that for a campaign, you use those maps. Of course, you can’t exactly send your PCs to Farmville (unless you’re playing in cyberspace I suppose) so instead, loosely interpret the theme, feel or content of the area in question, and convert it into your game. Here are some examples:

Running a horror game set in the Fantasy World map, we can interpret Narnia as a land with weird extra-spacial pathways, populated by crafty half-men and wicked spell casters, but the most dangerous aspect is an unearthly lion with strange powers of teleportation and clairvoyance that can only be driven off, banished or eluded temporarily.  Similarly, we can re-envision Sodor as a  smoggy steam-punk era city-state with malevolent enslaved clockwork automatons haunting the dim gas-lit streets. Even better, Kadath and the Dreamlands can be left mostly unchanged.

If we adapt the Interactive RPG map for our fantasy campaign, we might turn Dumpshock and Shadowrun into the ruins of an ancient high-tech empire, with futuristic devices available for those who can wrest them from their timeworn robot guardians. Obsidian Portal might turn into a magic warped landscape of volcanic glass, dotted with unstable portals to a nigh-infinite number of alternate realities, and Gnomestew might become a fey-populated forest with wizened gnome overlords who have an opinion about everything your PCs do.

For our Sci-Fi campaign we could interpret the Online Communities 2 map as a dystopian mega-city atop a war-fractured atoll. We might re-imagine Farmville as a massive collective of vat farms that supply the majority of food to the region. Happy Farm, on the other hand, is a similar region, but manned by mind wiped drone hostages.  Skype may house the communications network,  while MMO isle could hold huge tube farms of unconscious bodies, selling much of their brain capacity as processing power in exchange for the money to live in their shared virtual reality.

Do you know of any similar maps? How else could we make use of these types of resources? How would you re-imagine one of your favorite regions?