The adventuring party’s raid on the abandoned temple was successful. They rousted the bandits and defeated the wight and the other skeletal defenders.

A thorough search of the building revealed many treasures, some mundane, some with divine magic.

This d20 chart has a list of treasures you might find in the ruins of a temple or in a crypt. (In parentheses is a magical enhancement – using the D&D 5th edition cleric spell list – for the item, if you wish to make it one.) If you are playing another fantasy rules set, they should convert fairly easily. Unless otherwise noted, the magic in each item has a use of once per day.

1. Zeus’ silk stole, blue embroidered with white lightning bolts. (Immediately provides resistance to a lightning attack as a protection from energy spell).

2. Aphrodite’s baptismal font in the shape of a great conch shell. (Pouring water from the shell upon a person grants the person the ability to water walk).

3. Apollo’s chalice and paten, a cup and dish of copper alloy decorated with the sun and musical instruments. (Drinking from the cup provides a cure for up to six persons as a prayer of healing).

4. Ares’ grasping hand, a gilded copper hand and arm rising from a shield. (Placing a hafted weapon in the hand imbues it with a blinding smite. The item only works in a temple or if set upon a battlefield altar consecrated with a hallow spell).

5. Artemis’ lion of aquamanille, a hand-washing vessel. (User can speak with animals as per the spell).

6. Athena’s owl lectern, copper sculpture of an owl whose sweeping wings hold a holy text while its talon’s grasp a small dragon at the base. (The reader of a holy text in the owl’s wings is granted true seeing).

7. Demeter’s crozier, head of a staff carved in a sweeping sheaf of wheat. (User activates spike growth).

8. Dionysus’ beaker of root wood, a covered bowl which provides a mouth rinse after communion. (Used to remove curse).

9. Hades’ enamel plaques depicting six agonies. (User can project fear).

10. Hecate’s ivory circlet. (Wearer activates moonbeam).

11. Hephaestus’ gear-locked portable altar box. (Creates a private sanctum).

12. Hera’s matching pair of snake armbands. (Creates a warding bond about the two wearers).

13. Hercules’ miter holder of four sculpted figures who appear to hold the rod aloft. (grasping the object with intent imbued the user with an enhance ability of the user’s choice)

14. Hermes’ wax seal of safe conduct. (User graced with longstrider).

15. Hestia’s carved bouquet on a pyx holds communion wafers. (Provides 10 wafers that act as goodberries).

16. Nike’s matched pair of lavishly decorated candlesticks. (When lit, grants a beacon of hope).

17. Pan’s wood carving of a broadleaf. (Possessor can commune with nature).

18. Poseidon’s situla, a bucket with an iron handle. (Once per year, pouring the bucket of holy water on the ground creates an earthquake).

19. Tyche’s liturgical fan. (Waving the fan can dispel magic).

20. Zeus’ bell crozier. (On user command, it unleashes a thunderwave).