Here’s a quick list of five gadgets that can improve your game — helping with organization, speeding things up and opening new avenues.

Let’s set aside the desktop PC and printer — those are kind of a given.

Laptop: Having a laptop available at the table gives you all sorts of options, from tracking the game on your computer to rolling dice electronically (and it can double as your GMing screen).

Thumb Drive: Flash drives are a great way to back up your gaming material, and they let you carry a copy of everything you might need at your next session. (See The GM’s Thumb Drive for more ideas.)

MP3 Player: One of my group’s GMs uses his iPod to play background music during sessions, which works very well. (The ancient TT post Music in Your Game covers this, along with suggestions for background music.)

Overhead Projector: Of the many mapping options discussed on our GMing Wiki, this is one of the sexiest — and unfortunately, one of the most expensive, too.

Digital Camera: Taking pictures of your gaming sessions is always a good idea, and there are always moments you just have to capture for posterity.

What other devices do you employ at the gaming table? And what kind of impact do they have on your prep, the game or your time behind the screen?