I promised a big announcement as soon as I got back from my trip, and here it is: Treasure Tables now offers a line of shirts for gamers in our brand new store!

I partnered up with my friend Darren Hardy, a professional graphic designer, to create gaming shirts that we’d like to wear ourselves — and that we thought might appeal to other gamers as well.

We’ve worked hard to get things right for our initial launch, with 3 custom designs, a variety of colors (including black), professional printing and a great selection of items.

Everything in our store is a collaborative effort: I came up with the ideas, Darren illustrated them and did the layout, and we worked together to create a line of gaming apparel that we’re proud of. We think these designs rock, and we hope you will too!

3 Custom Designs: Our first three designs are shown in this post — I’ll let Darren’s work speak for itself!

A Variety of Colors: We wanted to have different colors for our shirts, and Cafepress (the most popular option for printing small-batch custom clothing) only offers two colors, white and heather gray — so we didn’t go with Cafepress! All of our designs come in black, plus at least one other color (and in the case of our G33k design, several other colors!), and two of them also come in ladies’ styles.

Professional Printing: Our store is run by a neat company called Spreadshirt, and they offer a high-quality print option called plot printing. All of our designs are plot printed, so they won’t fade and they’ll last for a long time. (Spreadshirt has a nice summary of the process, if you’re curious how it works.)

Great Selection: In addition to T-shirts in sizes S through XXXL, we also have ladies’ tees, messenger bags to haul your rulebooks and dice, hooded sweatshirts (perfect for cold weather!) and bumper stickers for your car! Rather than just slap a design on everything from mousepads to thongs, our goal was to put together a carefully-selected suite of options.

This launch has been in the works for a while, and we could have gone live with the new store last week — but I wanted to be around to answer questions and deal with anything that might come up. I hope you like what you see (and that you’ll buy a shirt or two, of course!) — and if you do, tell a friend about the new Treasure Tables store!