This coming Sunday (May 1st) after you have gotten over your Royal Wedding hangover, is Gen Con Event Registration. For those attending, this is the time for the mad scramble to get into events before your fellow dice monkeys grab all the free seats. For some there will be the sweet taste of victory and for others just a fist full of Generic tickets and a mass of frustration. So while you are sitting with your Excel spreadsheet plotting out five levels of event picks, we would like to draw your attention to an excellent Seminar…

Saturday 8/6
10:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Meet the Gnomes Behind the Engine!
Come and meet some of the gnomes behind the ENnie Award-winning blog Gnome Stew! They’ll talk about what is going on at the blog, as well as their latest book from Engine Publishing, “Masks: 1,000 Characters to Populate Your Worlds.” Learn the tricks used by these veteran GMs to make the most of every game that they run. The seminar ends with Q&A when the gnomes do their best to help you with your GMing problems.

Once again we will be hosting a seminar and would love to meet you all in person. We are a lively bunch, and I promise there will be as many laughs as there is great GMing advice. Here is just a sample of what you can expect:

  • Talk about the well oiled machine that is Gnome Stew (Really its like 10 Gully Dwarves with a i386)
  • Talk about Engine Publishing’s newest book, Masks (Pimpin’ the new merch)
  • Talk about Engine Publishing’s first book, Eureka (Pimpin’ the old merch, ‘cause Gnomes never stop pimpin’)
  • Answers to your most complicated GM Questions (Seriously, we are pretty good with this GM stuff)
  • Why Patrick and John always wear kilts, and how to tell the two apart (‘Nuff said)
  • Why Halfling Soup will ruin gaming as we know it.  (Ugh..really that joke again?)
  • A chance to tell us what you would like to see on the Stew (But don’t we already have a suggestion pot?)
  • An Engine Publishing giveaway (Similar to what we did last year…what was that again?)

So while you are figuring out how to schedule both a friendship-ending game of Diplomacy and the latest Pathfinder delve, make sure to save two hours on Saturday to come join us in what is going to be an awesome GMing dialog. We are looking forward to having a chance to meet you.

Good luck on Event Registration.