Once again some of the Gnomes will be rolling into Indy next week, and today’s article is about where we will be and how you can find us. Despite the bad press 4e has been giving us Gnomes, we are a social bunch, and nothing gives us more of a thrill than getting to meet the people who read Gnome Stew, and write the comments that spark the discussions that make this blog great.  So lets see who is going and how you can find us…

Gnome Roll Call

DNAphil (aka Phil Vecchione)

 “I will be taking it easy this GenCon and did not register for any events in advance, but may drop by some seminars and demos. I am planning my own Con Within The Con, where my friends and I are getting together to run games for each other and any new friends we meet.

When I am not playing or running games, I will be spending my time out on the convention floor checking out all the vendors wares. I will be tweeting (@dnaphil) updates throughout the day, and posting some daily recaps via G+. I would love to meet any of our readers, so if you see a tweet and you are nearby, come and find me, don’t be shy. I am easy to spot in my custom green and black bowling shirt.”

Patrick Benson

“This year I am going to try something different for Gen Con and I will be a roaming gnome.  For Gen Con 2011 I want to focus on meeting other gamers. I will be tweeting as @SinisterForces announcing my current location throughout the convention as well as how to recognize me. If you feel like stopping by and hanging out with me that would be great.

If you request it and if I have enough time I will run improvised games for you using a super simple system like Fudge or MicroLite 20. I might coordinate a group discussion on the fly about GMing, or maybe I will just suggest that we go grab a bite to eat.

This Gen Con I am going to focus on being in the moment instead of sticking to my schedule, and the most memorable moments are the ones you spend with friends both old and new. So if you want to hang out with me I am all for hanging out with you. See you at Gen Con!”

Walt Ciechanowski


“As Victoriana’s line developer, I’ll be running 4 events for Victoriana (“Bloody Retribution”) on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (Friday’s a two-fer). Outside of that and other events, I’ll most likely be in the Dealer’s Hall Thursday afternoon, early Friday afternoon, and after 4 on Saturday. I’m flying out Sunday morning, so I won’t be around after that. The best place to catch me or ask about me is at the Cubicle 7 booth. I’ll probably spend a little time at the Triple Ace Games booth as well.”

John Arcadian


“My official Gen Con plans are pretty sparse. I’ll be rolling into Indy on Wednesday, kilted and ready to go. I’ll be going to Iron GM where I’m going to help with some video stuff and play at one of the tables. Outside of that, I’ve got nothing official slated except for meeting with friends and hunting down a new sonic screwdriver. I’d be happy to run some pickup games or sign books for anyone. I’ll be in my traditional utilikilt and leather jacket.”


There are two events where we will be in attendance, in part or in full.  Please look for us at:
ENnie Awards (Friday 7PM) 

Gnome Stew is a nominee for Best Blog and we Gnomes will be there to represent Gnome Stew as well as to support all of our friends in our category and in the other categories.

Meet The Gnomes Behind The Engine (SEM1123263: Saturday 10 AM to 12 PM)

Come and meet some of the gnomes behind the ENnie winning blog Gnome Stew! They’ll talk about what is going on at the blog, as well as their latest book from Engine Publishing – “Masks: 1,000 Characters to Populate Your Worlds”. Learn the tricks used by these veteran GMs to make the most of every game that they run. The seminar ends with Q&A when the gnomes do their best to help you with your GMing problems.

Pimping The Merch

Eureka On The Self

Dwarves are not the only short demi-humans who love gold, so I would be remiss if I did not mention that both our books: Eureka: 501 Adventure Plots to Inspire Game Masters and Masks: 1000 Memorable NPCs for Any Rolepaying Game, will be available at the Studio 2 booth (605). They will be there in limited quantities so if they are on your shopping list, pick them up early. It is also worth saying that the Masks books will be the last of the hard cover Masks copies available. [PIC of Eureka on the shelf last year]

You Pick It, We Review It Results

After looking over all your requests, we have made our pics for this year. The pics are:

Phil–  I will be looking to tracking down Jermey Keller while at GenCon to see if we can ask him some questions about Technoir.

John– Our first entry caught John’s eye, so John is going to take a look into the Microscope.

We will do our shopping and report back in a few weeks.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled

That’s it for this edition of GnomeSpotting. For those attending make sure you are following @dnaphil and @sinisterforces to be able to find us out at the con. Also make sure you are following @gnomestew for all your Gnome Stew updates.

For those that are not attending the con, we hope to see you there in the future, and make sure to check out our post-con recaps, where will share with you what we found at Gen Con, as well as our You Picked It reviews.